Feb 15, 2014

Valentine's day: Singles edition

So, yesterday was that special day. At least for some people. I don't celebrate it. I don't mind about having a special day dedicated to love (love is a beautiful thing afterall), but I just don't get what's with all of this expectation of getting (buying) presents on this day - it seems too forced too me that way, I'm more kind of a person who likes showing love spontaneously :)

Anyway, there was a lot of Valentine's events going on yesterday, but Aimée and I decided to just meet in Charlottenburg and go wherever the road takes us!

First step was to buy something to drink. And something to eat. It turned out more like a shopping spree at Lidl :) We've filled our cart with snacks and sweets, although we were sure there's nooo way to eat all of this in one night! I think the whole store was looking at us, walking around and throwing stuff into the cart. I didn't count how many times I said: "Oh, that looks tasty too, let's take it!" :D
At the end we didn't eat half of this, but at the other hand - we have things left for tomorrow's trip and for the next weekend and if we would go to the bar, we could easily spent the same amount of money on two rounds of drinks :)

Our cart full of food (and Vodka)

When done with our "little" shopping (which took us almost an hour :D) we took the U-bahn to Kreuzberg with our bags full of food. We bought so much, that we had to mix vodka and juice in the small bottles and leave the rest of the juice behind, because it didn't fit in our bags! We should take the backpack next time, I think.

Mixing juice and Vodka

Without any planning destination we were walking around Kreuzberg and have ended up in Görlitzer park, just chilling on the bench for some time. I think I said that for so many places so far, but I really should go there again during the day. And in the summer.

Görlitzer Park (I love the pink light!)

From Kreuzberg to Mitte, again walking around for a while and then catching the S-bahn to Wannsee. We choose this destination, because it's pretty far away from the center (almost in Potsdam) and neither of us have been there yet. And because the ride is long enough so we could get comfortable, taking off our clothes and eating in the warm place. While on the station I found new fun thing to do - running down the escalator that goes up! :D Next time I have to try it in the opposite direction!

Running on the escalator

On the train we had a lot of attention again. Who couldn't stare at two girls who keep pulling new sweets out of their bags? You want chips? I have that in my magic bag! Candies? Yap, here! Chocolate? Of course!
Oh, and maybe they were staring also because of my penguin hat :D I will never forget the old man sitting next to us. We were eating gummies and he was looking at us since we got on the train. Then I said: "That's enough. Maybe I woul like something else now, something like chocolate!" and Aimée pulled ofut of her bag chocolate cookies! The man was so surprised about this, his honest "Oooo!" made me laugh so hard! Of course I offered him some of the cookies (after we all stopped laughing) and he was really nice, talking to us all the way untill his station.

Aimée with some sweets
Finally we made it to the Wanssee. Our last destination. We were both tired, I guess of eating, drinking and driving around with the train for the last 5 hours :D
Wanssee it is a really nice place (as far I was able to see it in the dark). It's hard to believe you are still in Berlin - it's so quiet and peaceful and a lot of nature around. We did a short walk to the (big) lake and decided that we should come back during the day! So we're doing that tomorrow! With a bike! :) Can't wait for this trip! Since I'm in Berlin I haven't been out of this crowded city yet (except my trip to Wroclaw- a big city again) and I really miss walks in the nature! And cycling around the lake sounds like a good way of spending sunday! :)

So in the end, we had another fun night and we made a lots of awesome memories! :) I really enjoy evenings like this - who said you need a lot of money to have fun on friday night?! All you need is a crazy friend and a good mood! :)

P.S.: Stay cool people! And show your love everyday, not just on Valentine's day! ;))

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