Feb 19, 2014

PhotoBox: Ku'damm

Burberry. Chanel. Dolce & Gabanna. Giorgio Armani. Gucci. Lacoste. Prada. Valentino. Welcome to Kurfürsterdamm. The most famous (and the most expencive) shopping avenue in Berlin.
Enjoy the splendor, you will most likely never have enough money to spend a shopping day in this street :) (Who wants to pay 600€ for a bag, anyway? - NOT me!)

P.S.: And this in not all! I did just a bit more than a half of the street (which is long 3.5 km), when the batteries in my camera died (again!). So maybe I will do the next half some other time. But by feet! People were looking at me like they never saw a bike before! :D

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