Jan 11, 2014

Ernesto, the artist

It was friday night and we were hanging out at the Yaam, having fun, meeting new people.
At one point, I had to go to the toilet and at the door I stopped - there was a boy with paint and brushes, painting on pink walls of ladies bathroom. I was impresed - you don´t see something like that in Slovenia. I´m sure if someone would try to paint on the bathroom walls it would get arested :D
I asked him if I can take a picture and then went back to my friends.


Later, Aimee and I went there again and the picture was almost finished. He painted a really cool monkey (mustache was painted by Rachel, one crazy Australian girl, tho).
We stayed there for a pretty long time, just watching him finishing the paint with details and chatting about his work and his life.
Ernesto used to work in circus before and he showed us some cool juggling tricks with brushes.
How can you not be impresed by such a talent? :)

Aimee asked him if the monkey is his favorite animal and I really liked his answer - "Sometimes. At the time my favorite animal is octopus." I also like changing my mind about favorite things sometimes :D
Oh, and he was the first foreigner who pronounced my name like I do - with this hard R. I know that Martina is pretty international name, but in the ot of countries is pronounced a bit diffrent than in Slovenia.

Later he decided to add another painting attached to this one, but we didn´t stay long enough to see what it´s gonna be. But we´ll be back in Yaam soon, I´m sure. We can´t wait to see the finished paintings. And We hope to meet Ernesto again and have another interesting talk with him. He´s one of the most awesome people I met so far and I´m really glad I had that opportunity :)


  1. Ooo kako zanimivo :). Kje si pa ta folk srečala, s katerimi se družiš?

  2. preko raznih skupin na Facebooku smo se nasli :)