Nov 25, 2015

22 days, 3300 km, 7 cities - Eurotrip 2015

Before I went on this trip, I promised I would write blog, post on Facebook, take pictures for Instagram, ... Well, I sticked to everything, except blog writing. Kind of felt annoyed typing on my smarth phone. So I am doing it now, when I'm back home. I'm writing the whole travel journal, day by day, with stories and tips! (while waiting for the next tavel opportunity)

But let me begin with few words about my adventure ...

Austria - Germany - Poland ... and back home

3 weeks seems like a long period, but it's not, when you are on the road. Every first-time hitchhiker will have big plans about how many and which places he/she will visit during the trip. And many of them will overview the situation, ending up either rushing between places or not visiting all desired destinations.

I didn't have a plan, but what I did have was very optimistic view on how many places I'll be able to visit. Well, I figured it out, like many before, that traveling is to be done slowly!

I ended up staying only one weekend in Prague (regret it), one week in Berlin, my first love and one week in Trojmiasto in north Poland. I wish I could stay here longer as well. Because people! And Baltic sea! I'm in love with empty, long sand beaches in Gdansk and Gdynia. Oh, and with Gdansk's old town! Guess this is my second love! :)

Last days I've spent in Warsaw, where I had my first negative experience (stolen money) and in Wien, the most "posh" city I visited! I missed the tradional winter market in Prater for few days, so I guess this means I have to go back for at least one weekend in December. And maybe visiting Bratislava, it's just across the corner .. - You see, I just got home (not even unpacked yet) and I'm already daydreaming about next trip :)

Easiest country for hitchhiking? Poland
Hardest country for hitchhiking? Slovenia
Drivers: 15
Km hitchhiked: ~2600 ( +1 bus ride: Warsaw -> Wien; 700km )
Average waiting time: half an hour?
Negative experiences: 0
Stories: many ... read my travel journal posted in next days ;)

The most essential advice I can give to first-time hitchhikers

Be confident and be confident!!! It's the rule number one when it gets to succesfully getting a (fast & safe) ride. It took me few rides to master this, but now I can step on the side of the road and wave my thumb without hasistating and feeling embarassed. I got a direct ride from Szczecin to Gdansk (6 hours drive) in just under 5 minutes and I've been told this journey is more likely to be done in 2 days - 2 rides. Ha!
Confidence is a key! I was lacking that before I left home and found it piece by piece on the road :) Can say I have it much, much more now!

I will also cover this topic more extensivly in upcoming posts, together with some packing and CouchSurfing tips!

But for now, for all you out there, who are staring to your screens, daydreaming about traveling - move your ass and just do it! :) You won't regret, ever!