Dec 13, 2013

Adventure starts: December 26th

I'm as much excited as every child is before Christmas. Except that I'm excited about the day AFTER Christmas - that's the day I'm leaving! Only 13 days left!
I choose to travel with train, because it's cheaper than plane (in high season). I booked my ticket online and received it by mail in 3 days. For all those who never booked anything online - it was my first time too and it didn't hurt at all :)


So, the plan for the D-day ... my family will drive me to Ljubljana, from where my train to Berlin departs. It's an 16 hours drive with 2 transfers, first in Villach and second in Munchen. Yep, a long one, but I will survive - as long as I have my camera, books and food :)

What am I actually going to do in Berlin for 3 months? My host family has one baby - 5 months old daughter and I'm gonna be their Au Pair. Her mommy works part-time and for those few hours they need me to look after their little girl. 4 hours/day babysitting + some help in household and the rest of the day is my free time.

For now, my plans for spending free time are just exploring new places in a company of my camera :) And meeting cool people. And trying new stuff. And lot of other things. But most of all - enjoying my life. :)

My biggest fear about this trip? I see myself taking the wrong train in Munchen and ending up somewhere in French Alps instead of in Berlin :)))


P.S.: I don't speak German. Not at all. Well, maybe danke and guten tag . And I can count to three - eins, zwei, drei ... :) But I plan to visit language courses and I'm sure in a few months I will know how to count to 100.  :)

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