Feb 16, 2014

50 shades of blue (easy sunday trip)

Today was one of the most beautiful days. We had had warm weather for the past two weeks, but today was something special. The sky was in so many shades of blue and it was warm, for the moments almost too warm for the coat. It felt more like an autumn than winter. It was a perfect weather for our planned trip!

We catched the S-bahn to Wanssee and took the bikes with us. Just btw, annual ticket that I use for transportation, allowes one adult to drive free with me on weekends, but doesn't allow me to take a bike - I need an extra ticket for that. So we had to buy tickets for the bikes and after some --- we decided for the monthly one (the same price as two dailies). So now I can do trips like that every weekend! :)

Our plan was to cycle for some time around Wanssee, then take the ferry to the other side of the lake, to Kladow, cycle there for some time and the back. So we took the direction to Potsdam at first, but didn't go all the way down there (maybe I will do it next weekend). We found a nice path to the woods and went there. Riding our bikes for some time, walking for some time, eating for some time :D Yeah, we realized none of us brought real food, we had just a lot of sweets and snacks left from friday. So it was a sporty day with lots of (unhealthy) food :D

A path to the woods
Aimee's awesome brownies!
From there, back to the lake to wait for a ferry. It still hard to believe we were still in Berlin! When you mention Berlin, everyone imagine just the city center end the  famous east part, but none thinks about the suburbs. It is such a beautiful place, a big lake and the color of the water was amazing!

I couldn't wait to get on the boat! I imagined it like one of those cute small passenger ferries that you can see in the movies and where you can stand outside and enjoy the ride cross the lake. Well, I was wrong. It is actually a flat boat, with big windows, there is no outside space, just inside with sits for passengers and some place for the bikes. I was kind of dissapointed, but well, it was actually silly to expect a cool ferry on the usual public transportation line.

Waiting for the ferry
Aimee on the boat - the water looks like a pool!
Inside of the ferry

KLADOW! A really beautiful part of Berlin! There were a lot of people, riding bikes, walking, enjoying sunny sunday afternoon. We sat on the shore for hour or two, eating our unhealthy food (better I don't tell how much we ate!), talking and enjoying the day! I am still amazed by the color of the sky when I looked at the pictures - it was bright blue for the whole day, making an amazing contrast with darker blue color of the water. I loved it!
After that we did some more cycling trought Kladow, but the batteries in my camera were empty, so I wasn't able to do more pictures of the place :( But we want to go back anyway, so maybe I can do more pictures next time!


We came home just before the dark, so it was the whole day trip!
I feel really tired (haven't been on a bike for a while) but happy! This weekend was wonderful! Hope that weather stays good, so we can do stuff like this every weekend for the next month!

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