Mar 2, 2014

Sunday morning on the fleamarket

Today felt like real sunday morning. It was in the air, in the people. The spring is comming and that means warmer weather and a big fleamarket in Mauerpark on sundays, with lot of people and lot of things going on.
I got up early and drove to Pranzauer Berg with Aimee. I can't remember when I was awake so early in the morning on sunday, but it is so good feeling.
We got there around 9 and it was still quiet, people just started prepering for the day. We bought small Baklava cakes (soooo good!) and had a breakfast on the top of the hill with the view on the park and the market. Perfect sunday morning.

The booth where we bought our breakfast
After breakfast, when the day started and there was more and more people, we decided to walk around the market for a while. It was crowded and a little expencive (very know turistic place), but also very interesting. People salling everything from old postcards and keys, furniture, cameras, instruments to clothes, books, vinyls, artcrafts,... I like the markets - walking around and stopping at the booths, maybe buying some small souvenirs :) Gotta go back one sunday again!

Apart the fleamarket, there is a lot of other things going on in and around the park.
They have karaoke on the afternoons. I'm not sure if they had it today too, because we left early, but I would like to participate once - maybe with some shots for the courage before :)

And a lot of street artists everywhere and ordinary people jogging, doing sports or just taking a walk on a beautiful day. So many things going on in one place and so many different people - it's incredible! I enjoyed the atmosphere, it must be wonderful to spend the whole day there in the summer!

And my favourite place in the park. Swing on the top of the hill. I love swing, I always and up on the childrens playground, but this ones are just awesome. Perfect. I wouldn't mind spending hours on one of them, just swinging and enjoying the view. This is one thing you have to do in Belin - try the swings in Mauerpark!

So this was one amazing sunday again! I can't believe the time is passing by so fast. I am here for more than two months already, but it feels more like two weeks. I saw and did a lot of things, but there is still much, much more to experience! Someone once told me: "Berlin is not a place to visit, is a place to live!" and I have to agree on that!

I'm not planning the next weekend yet, but maybe the Babelsberg is a good idea. Or climbing tree in Pakow. Or one of the abandoned buildings around Berlin. Or one of other countless amazing places! I will decide about this in the next days.

By the way, I am leaving one week later, so that maybe gives me some more time to do all the stuff I want to do :)

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