Mar 2, 2014

Street artists of Mauerpark

While we were eating our breakfast in Mauerpark today, I noticed a man with three children spraying graffiti on the wall, not far away from us. I liked the two young ones participating in creating art. Graffiti can be beautiful when done properly and in the right places. And the long wall, full of different graffiti on the top of the Mauerpark looks amazing and gives some colors to the grey city. I would prefer my future children spending sunday morning creating nice looking street art befor spending it at home watching TV.

Not far away from there was a guy with amazing long dreads sitting on the bench with didgeridoo next to him. I stopped there to ask if I can take the picture and if he plays the instrument (i love the sound!). He said no, but his friend (who was on the swing at the moment) plays. I thanked for the picture and was just about to leave, when the other guy came and say he would play for me! :) I was surprised on such a kindness and it was amazing feeling knowing he plays just for me, some stranger passing by :) 

Yap, the street artist in Mauerpark had really amazed me. A band of crazy guys playing songs about how disco will never die, dressed in old disco clothes of course. A rapper and his crew recording a video. People painting on the walls and on the floor. Musicians and painters in every corner. Something I would never experience in my hometown. And I love, I love it a lot, the whole place and the people and the sunday atmosphere :)

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