Apr 5, 2014

Last day in Berlin

Saturday, April 5th. My last day in Berlin. In the evening I will already be on the way home.

I was searching for (cheapest) option to get home for quite some time. There is a lot of Slovenian people in Berlin, but it looks like bo one is heading towards homeland this weekend. So i had to find another solution. After hours of browsing for bus, train, car, plane connections, I found good alternative. Not the fastest or easiest, but it's cheap enough. And it gaves me almost one full day to explore Munich :)

I'm taking the bus from Berlin to Munich late in the evening and I'm arriving there tomorrow early morning. So it's basicly a night bus. I hope it's gonna be better than the night train I took three months ago on my way here! I expected a comfortable train, where I could sleep for a while during 10 hour ride but in reality it had very uncomfortable seats, making it imposible to sleep like a normal person and it was full of Chinese teenagers eating McDonalds food! I'm never taking a night train again! - At least not with expectation to get some rest :)

For the part from Munich to Slovenia I'll be riding a car! Car sharing makes it so easy to get from one place to another these days. We start on late afternoon, so if everything goes by plan I should be home sometime tomorrow in the evening.

I must say 3 months passed by so fast. For me those are usualy toughest months of the year - long, grey, boring. But this year they just flew by. I came here in December, it feels like few weeks ago and now is already April! Time really flies when you have fun! :)

I have mixed feeling about going back home, though. Of course I miss my friends and my family and my cat :) But I also made some awesome friendships here. Aimee is already asking what will she do when I'm gone. We're plannig my comming back for a week in July and then spending together few weeks at my place in Slovenia. Can't wait for July to continue with our trips and crazy evenings!
I will also miss my host family, I'm sure. I heard a lot of stories from ex Au-pairs not getting along with families, but I must say a had a huge luck, as my host parents are awesome people :) And the baby is one cute little thing (I say this for all children, though)! It was an amazing experience to watch her grow every day. She was a small 4-months old baby when I got here and now she's starting to crawl and sit and she's laughing and giving kisses and repeating sounds,... And she just started to like me very much. Maybe it's a good thing she's too young to remember me, so she won't miss me so much as I will miss her!

Oh, ja, I learned some German! :) I'm not expert, of course, it takes a lot more than few months to get there. But I know basics, enough to buy food or ask what's the time.
And one more thing living here gave me - I became really interested in languege comparitions. Aimee wants to study it and we were talking a lot about that, comparing Englsih, German, French, Slovenian,.. I must say it really is an interesting topic. Plus I'm kind of good in recognizing langueges when I hear them ;)

Well .. it was an unforgetable experience. Even more than I expected. "Berlin is a place to live, not to visit" as someone once said to me. Must agree so much - is one of those places you have to experience, not just see. I will definitely be back some time in the future ... but for now ...

Bye, bye Berlin!

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